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Laine Swanson Art


Floral Anatomy Artist

Floral Anatomy Art

"I’m an OB/GYN in the Chaska/Waconia area. Your work is really great!
Can’t wait to hang them up!"/GYN in the Chaska/Waconia area. Your work is really great!

Lisa C.

Using light, texture, and her love for anatomy & botany, Laine hopes to portray strength, determination, beauty through pain, peace & healing for whoever needs it. As an artist living with chronic pain, her artwork simultaneously invokes a longing for what used to be & acceptance of what is, while striving to maintain a positive mind-body connection. Utilizing stippling, pointillism & other drawing techniques, now including India ink, Laine is excited to continue to expand her body of work, as well as create custom one-of-a-kind commissions for individuals & companies.

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