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Buy high quality art prints in a variety of sizes, purchase originals, or work with me to design a beautiful custom piece of art.

Uterus Final 18x24 (1) (1).jpg

Let's bring your vision to life with anatomy, flowers & colors that are meaningful to you.

Now drawing human AND animal anatomy. Let's chat about your vocation & interests!

Allow me to capture your company's

heart & mission through imagery,

feelings, ideas & concepts.

Pictured: Left, Female Reproductive System (with Lady Slippers & Peonies), 18"x24" - 2021, Alyssa Swenson.

Center, lifesize Horse Leg (with Hydrangeas), 58"x24" - 2022, Laura Critchett, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine.

Right, company commission, Unearthing, 42"x42" - 2023, In Situ Archaeological Consulting, LLC.

From prints to custom art,
fit your budget and your space.

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in a variety of sizes now
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