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From prints to custom art,
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Buy high quality art prints in a variety of sizes, purchase originals, or work with me to design a beautiful custom piece of art.

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In March 2022, I accepted a company commission with In Situ Archaeological Consulting, LLC. Upon seeing the space and discussing their vision, I knew that this had to be one massive focal point for their office. What I didn't know is just how much this would stretch me as an artist - my skills, mentally, conceptually, and the highs and lows of doubt and feeling stuck. It was a challenge to capture artifacts, tools, feelings, and portray important ideas such as commemoration and preserving history for generations to come, with a slight Native American feel (and more). As I begin to process my experience creating this piece, I wouldn't change a thing. From the largest piece I've ever done (42"x 42"), to three months of research, sketches and planning, to getting stuck countless times not knowing how to draw things, creating this representational art drawing has forced me to grow beyond what I thought I was capable of. A few highlights include the circular sifter with a dream catcher vibe in the center, creating a divide between past and present, drawing a real live bison, botany that represents the colors and areas of the Minnesota ecoregions, planting seeds for future generations, endless dots for dirt swirling through time, and of course my favorite part - anatomy - the bones of a bison skull. Completed in March 2023, I present to you the custom commission art piece, Unearthing.

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Company Commissions

Let's bring your vision to life with anatomy, flowers & colors that are meaningful to you.

Now drawing human AND animal anatomy. Let's chat about your vocation & interests!

Allow me to capture your company's

heart & mission through imagery,

feelings, ideas & concepts.

Pictured: Left, Female Reproductive System (with Lady Slippers & Peonies), 18"x24" - 2021, Alyssa Swenson.

Center, lifesize Horse Leg (with Hydrangeas), 58"x24" - 2022, Laura Critchett, Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine.

Right, company commission, Unearthing, 42"x42" - 2023, In Situ Archaeological Consulting, LLC.

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