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Meet Laine

Anatomy & Commission Artist

Since I can remember, it has been my childhood dream to be an artist.

I obtained my Bachelor's degree in St. Paul, MN from

Bethel University in Studio Art and Art History.


In 2008, I spent a semester studying in New York City.

This was a very pivotal stage in my life and art career. I had always

pursued painting, but I received some harsh criticism from a professor

that I would never be a painter, that I didn’t have what it takes.

Lost and feeling dejected, I exchanged my paintbrush for pencils.

My inspiration was the female reproductive system; drawing on our

individuality and strength as women, and using it as my own 

self-portrait directed at the criticism received. It was here that I

discovered my talent was anatomy drawing and first used stippling

for a clinical aesthetic.

These first drawings are Fallopian Tubes I - IV. 


I took a 14 year hiatus from anatomy - what I call “The Gap.” Bringing home drawings of female anatomy back in 2008 did not go over so well in the Midwest. After much shame and judgment, I went back to more acceptable content - architecture, landscape, botanical pieces…never really finding my passion or stride, or that AHA moment where I knew this is what I am here to create. 


It wasn’t until 2019 that I rediscovered my love for anatomy to process my own pain. Most mornings throughout the year I had difficulty walking, standing, getting dressed, getting ready for work. Daily tasks were extremely difficult. I learned that I have structural issues in my pelvis and spine, and I now live with chronic pain. To accept and process my own body and experience, I turned to art and found myself in nature, combining anatomy with flowers, and Pelvis I (with Gladioli) was born. 

Today, using light, texture, and my love for anatomy & botany, I hope to portray strength, determination, beauty through pain, peace & healing for whoever needs it. I use my work to simultaneously invoke a longing for what used to be and acceptance of what is, while striving to maintain a positive mind-body connection. Utilizing stippling and other drawing techniques, now including India ink, I am excited to continue to expand my body of work, as well as create custom one-of-kind commissions for individuals and companies. 

This is what I’m here to create.

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