From an early age on, Laine spent her time outdoors, playing sports, and making a mess with art projects. Local artist in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, she attained her Bachelor's degree from Bethel University in Studio Art with a minor in Art History. It wasn't until studying in New York City that she discovered her passion for pencils. 


Using pointillism (dots) techniques with graphite, and painting techniques with pastels, her love for anatomy and botany come to life. She is excited to continue expanding her anatomy collection, with originals and commissions, and recently expanding to animal anatomy.


When she's not creating, you'll find her doing anything and everything outdoors – seeking adventures, camping, hiking, canoeing, and running.

Laine resides in Minneapolis, with husband Josh, and their beloved Great Dane, Zinnia.

Laine & Josh in Iceland
Laine and her Great Dane, Zinnia
Laine sitting on a tree over a creek in Minnesota
Laine & Josh summitting Bear Peak Trail in Boulder, Colorado
Laine in the Mountains on Lake Louise, Banff, Canada

Using light, texture, inspiration from my love for botany and anatomy, I hope to portray strength through precision, beauty through hues, peace through delicacy, and healing for whomever needs it. What attracts me to what I do is the versatility of the warmth and movement in nature, combined with the crisp, complex, technical beauty in anatomy.

Drawing on my own experiences of being in nature and knowing the healing it brings, combined with my own physical struggles and ailments, content is relatively easy to imagine. Yet each piece is a unique puzzle, at first a complete mystery to me. 

Utilizing pointillism for the internal texture and nature it represents to me is a motivating action in my creations. With each layer of dots I see the larger vision in my head come to life. The texture, the precision, the density and yet softness combined. 

I value precision, composition and flow. My education taught me to equally consider negative space, and honestly it has become more important to me over time - the spaces I don't draw. The way those spaces play with my colors and lines.

Each time I sit down to create, while I struggle with perfectionism and anxiety, I am able to completely control my process and be as meticulous as I wish. Which in itself is a relief. Creating my anatomy series has given me freedom, life, strength, healing, peace, hope and much more. I hope to instill the same in others.